Tiffany Teal Account Executive

“There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold” should be engraved somewhere on Tiffany’s desk.  As an Account Executive, Tiffany works to deliver a gold standard level of customer service and business development to her clients and co-workers.

Tiffany is a huge Led Zepplin fan, but she’s also adept at listening to the needs of her customers.  Tiffany is focused on the business side of the legal market, and helps connect solution providers to the best exhibit and marketing opportunities in the industry.  A degree in Business Communication and a daily dose of learning inspiration are some of the instruments in Tiffany’s set list.

People are an important part of her work, as Tiffany enjoys meeting new clients and helping them with their goals.  Her twin brother would agree, as he describes Tiffany as a feisty and loving people person.

Before her next Expo, you might catch Tiffany at a concert, the latest movie, or sky diving out of a plane (yeah, that’s right).  For sure, Tiffany is “Over the Hills and Far Away” going to help you discover the right solution for your event or marketing strategy.

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