Sean Soth
Sean SothPresident
Hi-Fidelity Group was started to help organizations increase their revenues and find the right notes to reach their audience. Like a Producer in a recording studio, Sean and the Hi-Fidelity Group approach sales performance and creative marketing with an ear for the best results. More…
Nick Kuppers
Nick KuppersDirector of Operations
What do you get when you mix CEO experience with an entrepreneurial approach to business operations? You get Nick Kuppers. When your concert experiences include performances by the Rolling Stones, we know you have an ear for awesome and an attention to all the glittering details. Nick runs the operations at Hi-Fidelity Group, including client reports and CRM performance. More…
Monica Williams
Monica WilliamsCustomer Success Manager
We might as well call her coach, because helping others win is a staple of Monica’s approach to life. Whether she is running her boys to school, or helping Hi-Fidelity provide a great impression with our clients, Monica is committed to the success of those around her. More…
Brittany Parrotte
Brittany ParrotteSenior Marketing & Event Manager
When did you last hear The Police’s “Message in a bottle”? If that castaway only had the talents of an experienced marketing and event strategist! The Hi-Fidelity team turns to Brittany to be sure our messaging is never lost at sea. More…
Shannan Lynes
Shannan LynesDesign & Art Direction
Shannan’s projects read like a album full of greatest hits! Whether he is touching up an ad, building a new website, or giving some direction to a digital strategy, Shannan is in tune. More…
Tiffany Teal
Tiffany TealAccount Executive
“There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold” should be engraved somewhere on Tiffany’s desk. As an Account Executive, Tiffany works to deliver a gold standard level of customer service and business development to her clients and co-workers. More…
Marcus Maleck
Marcus MaleckDirector, Business Partnerships and Program Innovation
“A man walks down the street, it’s a street in a strange world” goes Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al. A curious lyric, in a remarkably curious song. Curiosity can lead to wonderful explorations for answers, new ways of doing things, and potentially excellent business development. More…
Joy Lukasiewicz
Joy LukasiewiczProject Support
When not listening to country stars like Eric Church, or being the CEO of the Lukasiewicz Family, Joy assists Hi-Fidelity Group with her experience in data management and customer success. More…
Carolyn Shomali
Carolyn ShomaliCommunity Manager
A house full of little ladies keeps Carolyn moving, listening and learning every day! Combining media production skills and a love of storytelling has helped Carolyn create the perfect tunes for the audiences Hi-Fidelity Group works with. More…

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