Marcus Maleck Business Partnerships Manager

“A man walks down the street, it’s a street in a strange world” goes Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al.  A curious lyric, in a remarkably curious song.

Curiosity can lead to wonderful explorations for answers, new ways of doing things, and potentially excellent business development.  Every great salesperson should be curious about what their client’s need!

It’s no wonder that Graceland is Marcus’ favorite album, as he brings his high-energy curiosity and a rather eccentric vibe to the Hi-Fidelity Group. Combine creativity, originality, and limitless positivity and you have Marcus.  Just like the artists on his iPod, Marcus is a classical producer and conductor of strategic partnerships. Serving as a Manager of Business Partnerships at Hi-Fidelity Group, Marcus brings a hands-on, client-focused approach to account management and composing the customer journey.

New challenges and adventures fuel Marcus.  Highlights of his unique experience include several ‘eclectic’ projects and start-ups in health and wellness; green technologies; and travel infrastructure.  Navigating uncharted territories (and documenting the journey) comes naturally to Marcus.  Beyond the desk, Marcus is an avid traveler and wanderlust with an incessant itch for exploration and discovery.

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