Karim Cheikh Project Support Manager

3, 2, 1…..lift off!

Karim brings “rocket science” precision to each of the customer projects he supports at Hi-Fidelity Group! Constantly curious for the best approach, Karim leverages an experience that includes business development, sports, teaching, and law to help his project portfolio flourish. As a dad to three girls, Karim knows the importance of details and keeping multiple stakeholders informed and moving. Six sigma can’t keep up with a weekend of 3 sports and school schedules, but Karim can. After dad duties are fulfilled, you can find Karim listening to Pearl Jam, Adele, or taking in a live show anytime of year.
Live events are an inspiration, and lucky for us, there are plenty of events for Karim to build, manage and grow. “Hello, it’s Karim…I was wondering if after all this planning, you would like to meet…to go over everything…including exhibitor and agenda logistics”….we’re pretty sure those are the lyrics from Hello by Adele…right, Karim?

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