Carolyn Shomali Community Manager

A house full of little ladies keeps Carolyn moving, listening and learning every day! Combining media production skills and a love of storytelling has helped Carolyn create the perfect tunes for the audiences Hi-Fidelity Group works with. Carolyn’s years as a television sports producer complement her ability to formulate a plan and bring it to life. While she loved the pressure of producing a live broadcast, her true passion has always been sharing the ideas that bring people, companies, and communities together.  At Hi-Fidelity Group, Carolyn brings a mix of newsroom smarts and homegrown heart into the stories that make our projects and people special.

This once full-time traveler is now a full-time mom to three girls. Disney and Pop songs rule Carolyn’s family sing-a-longs, but every now and again, she sneaks in some Chris Stapleton or Otis Reading. “Try a Little Tenderness” is good inspiration for Carolyn’s next project!

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