TCB (Taking Care of Business): What a Theme Does for a Team 

Hi-Fidelity Group’s theme of 2019 was “TCB (Taking Care of Business).” Originally borrowed from the great Elvis Presley and his 1970s band, TCB represents the “action-man” attitude of Presley as he and his band made a comeback through live performances and continued his iconic musical legacy. For Hi-Fidelity Group, TCB stands for owning our work, getting things done and delivering at a “Ritz-Carlton” level of service.

Having a theme is all about the collective power of our company. Individually, each teammate can achieve great things. But align our team efforts, and we can really take care of business. Having a mantra or a theme gives each person something to check back into and keeps us on track throughout the year. When a teammate reaches or exceeds a sales goal, completes a difficult task, or goes above and beyond on an effort, the rest of the team recognizes their effort as a TCB moment. This recognition brings a new sense of encouragement and motivation to do our best possible work, and brings us all back to our overarching theme, Taking Care of Business.