Mission helps SCRS build exhibit relationships

Why do you SUMMIT?

This is the question the Society of Clinical Research Sites  (SCRS) asked at their Annual Meeting, the Site Solutions Summit.  Several enthusiastic attendees shared the reasons they “SUMMIT”, and these ranged from business to personal goals to just plain fun.  The underlying mission of SCRS is to make sites sustainable in a life science industry that challenges this endeavor on the business side of research.  Clinical research is challenging business, and SCRS works to share why helping sites to become sustainable is both positive and productive for everyone in the research enterprise.

How does this affect exhibit and sponsorship relationships?  The common thread is that SCRS’ audience of solution/service providers has the same objective, to help the clinical research enterprise be more positive and productive.  Helping research sites succeed is something that affects every individual involved in research.  So why is mission such a critical component of the exhibit hall experience?

  1. It helps exhibitors/attendees speak the same language:  Shared objectives level the playing field for your exhibitors and attendees.  It’s not just about the sale, it’s about sharing a better way for all parties to reach their objective.  The end game of any exhibitor is to close business, but that starts with relationships, and these relationships can be more meaningful if your exhibitors understand how they can approach and share in your meeting’s mission.
  2. It helps define expectations:  Remember when exhibitors would just set up their booth and orders just flocked in?  Yeah, me neither, but what exhibitors should expect and deserve is the opportunity to have a conversation with attendees.  If they know why your attendees value your meeting, it makes those conversations easier and more effective.  It also helps them understand and plan around their experience being a stage of the sales process vs the whole sales process in one sitting.
  3. Drive Participation:  Hey do your exhibitors attend sessions?  90% of SCRS exhibitors did.  A secret ingredient was that the mission can be discussed in the booth, but also communicates an opportunity for exhibitors to be informed about what their clients needs and interests are.  On occasion, exhibitor session attendance may offer the opportunity to stand out organically in the conversation or with like-minded session attendees.

The mission of your meeting builds your “why” better than any slogan or tagline can.  Help your exhibitors understand the mission, and grow around their opportunities to help advocate in their marketing and exhibit plans all year.