Growth in a Time of Uncertainty

New ideas and innovative thinking have shown paths to success in 2020. As the world changes, we have to change with it. There is still a need for industry to meet new partners, possibly greater than before, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Particularly for the clinical research industry, sites, sponsors, CROs and solution providers need to continue relationships to support the sites as many are on the front-line of creating therapies and vaccines. Our team developed the programmatic concept of a continuous initiative for our client Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) called SCRS Sites NOW. Dedicated to collaborating forward in the industry, Sites NOW brings together industry experts and stakeholders monthly to discuss hot topics and create best practices. The mission of the Sites NOW project is to help sites be their best now, so the industry can be great facing the future together. The initiative currently has 45+ sponsors invested in the value and is regularly expanding to include more partners ready to collaborate for a better future.