Back in Action – Sean Soth Shares Thought Leadership

Hi-Fidelity’s Sean Soth, President, presented at the 2021 Non Dues-a-Palooza in Nashville, Tennessee in September of 2021. This was the team’s first in-person conference experience since the beginning of the pandemic. Sean spoke on the topic “Creating a Team that Won’t Lose Steam.” He proves how investing in your team will help your overall revenue. A more developed and supported staff will develop more business.

Soth also presented at the Super Niche Media Conference in Denver Colorado in September 2021. The topic was “Aligning Event and Content Strategy, Mile High Ideas for Revenue Growth.” The topic takeaways from the presentation were to recognize your role in the industry’s marketplace and to inform events and content with that role, understand that ther are many channels to reach your audience, aspire to be the leading one, value proposition can evolve by time and stakeholder, develop your talent, and approach change with curiosity.